Chinese primary and secondary schools have been asked to ensure students engage in at least two hours of physical activity daily, with one hour during and one hour outside school hours, according to a ministry circular on myopia prevention and control.

Schools with the necessary resources are encouraged to extend students’ daily outdoor activity sessions to two hours in duration, in line with regulations issued by the Ministry of Education announcing the launch of a month-long national campaign from September to in order to prevent and control myopia.

The document also emphasizes the need for schools to scientifically and reasonably allocate teaching time involving electronic devices, implement a daily cap on the total load of written homework for students, and ensure that students have adequate sleep time.

Additionally, schools should advise students to engage in outdoor activities during breaks in school hours and encourage them to focus on distant objects to promote eye health.

The text also highlights the importance of parents taking an active role in the prevention and control of myopia. They are encouraged to lead by example by limiting screen time, increasing outdoor activities, and creating a home environment that promotes eye health.


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