A Chinese research team has developed a new type of smart fiber that can emit light and generate electricity without being plugged into an outlet.

The fiber integrates functions including wireless energy collection, perception and information transmission, and can be made into fabrics that can realize human-computer interaction functions such as light display and touch control without chips and batteries.

The study, recently published in the journal Science, is expected to change the way people interact with the environment and with other people, in addition to being of great importance for the application of smart textiles.

Compared with traditional rigid semiconductor components or flexible thin-film devices, electronic fabrics made from smart fibers are more breathable and soft. However, current development of smart fibers uses complex integration of multiple modules, which increases the bulk, weight and stiffness of fabrics.

A research team from Donghua University’s College of Materials Science and Engineering accidentally discovered that the fibers emitted light in a radio field during an experiment. Based on the findings, the team developed a new type of smart fiber that uses electromagnetic energy as a wireless driving force.

This new type of fiber is characterized by economical raw materials and mature processing technology, said Yang Weifeng, a member of the research team.

The research team said it will carry out further studies on how to make the new fiber collect energy from space more effectively to develop more functions, including display, warping and computing.

Source: https://www.chinahoje.net/pesquisadores-chineses-desenvolvem-nova-fibra-inteligente-luminosa/

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