The luxury passenger ship Moby Legacy set sail on Tuesday for Italy from the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. Built independently by Guangzhou Shipyard International, the liner has capacity for 2,500 passengers and around 800 vehicles, and will be delivered to the Italian shipping company Moby.

With 13 floors and 533 rooms, the vessel has 10 thousand square meters dedicated to restaurants and leisure and entertainment facilities for passengers, according to the company. Moby Legacy is like a five-star floating hotel, with its interior decoration comparable to that of a luxury cruise ship, said Zhou Xuhui, deputy general manager of the company.

The ship is designed to be environmentally friendly, capable of traveling at speeds of up to 25 knots with low fuel consumption, according to the company. Moby Legacy is the second luxury passenger ship of the same model. The first, Moby Fantasy, was delivered in April this year and operates on the Mediterranean ferry route between Genoa, Olbia and Livorno.


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