In Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, ecological transport has become popular with local residents. With the start of operation of more electric buses, the city further renewed its urban appearance.

In 2023, Yutong Bus and JSC “Toshshahartransxizmat”, the capital’s authorized passenger transportation organization, completed an order for 800 buses, 300 of which are powered by electricity and the other 500 are powered by natural gas. The agreement marked a record for bus exports from China to Uzbekistan.

The new vehicles were purchased to provide maximum convenience to local residents, said Abdujamil Azizov, vice-chairman of the board and chief engineer of JSC “Toshshahartransxizmat”.

“Firstly, users with disabilities were included. The buses are equipped with all the amenities for them. There are ramps to make boarding the bus easier and special platforms for wheelchairs,” said Azizov.

All cars are equipped with air conditioning systems, said Azizov, remembering that the technology is essential for a country with a continental climate, where in summer the temperature can reach above 40 ºC.


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