Chinese designers rocked the Italian fashion capital last week. With millions of visitors from all over the world, Milan Design Week brought the latest designs from China for the first time.

The first edition of the “China and Design” exhibition took place between April 15th and 21st on Paolo Sarpi Street, one of the largest Chinatowns in Europe.

Director of the China Design Center in Milan, Michele Brunello, said the exhibition attracted 65 brands and seven Chinese and Italian universities, with nearly 100 design projects. The exhibition takes place in a former tram factory in the center of Milan.

Yu Ting, a professor at the School of Social and Aesthetic Education at the China Academy of Art, brought two pieces by children to the exhibition.

“The Color of Life” is an interactive and ecological installation created by more than 400 teachers and students from the mountainous region of Yunnan province, in southwestern China, and caught the attention of many Italian children.

“The ‘China and Design’ exhibition is a great platform for us to showcase children’s design works to the world, as well as their creative concepts, and demonstrate the charm of Chinese culture,” Yu told Xinhua.


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