China has put in place a set of measures to facilitate the entry of foreigners into China for business, education and tourism, the National Immigration Administration (ANI) said on Thursday.

The new measures in place include a relaxation of port visa application requirements and access to visa extension, replacement and issuance services at local immigration departments for foreigners arriving or staying in China for non-diplomatic and non-official purposes such as cooperation commercial, exchange, investment, entrepreneurship, visiting relatives and personal matters.

Foreign citizens enjoy 24-hour direct transit without undergoing border control procedures at nine major city airports including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen and Guangzhou.

Additionally, multiple-entry visas are available for foreigners who need them, and the requirement to apply for visa documents has been simplified for foreigners staying in China, according to ANI.

ANI promised to continuously promote reforms and innovations in immigration management services and policies, improve the business environment and contribute to the creation of a new development pattern.


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