While Bitcoin is around 62 thousand dollars, it is noteworthy that some whales see these declines from the peak of 73 thousand dollars as a buying opportunity.

According to the information provided by the on-chain tracking platform Lookoncain, a person or institution that bought more than 3 thousand Bitcoins since March 21 also bought 300 BTC from the Binance exchange a few hours ago and withdrew them from the platform to his own wallet.

This whale, which bought 3760 Bitcoins worth 242 million dollars in about 1 month, achieved an average price of 64,500 dollars. The account owner bought 1400 Bitcoins yesterday. Yesterday’s average was over $64,800. So it looks like the whale is buying regularly to lower the average.

Israel-Iran and the halving will be decisive

The short-term process in Bitcoin, which fell from its peak of 73 thousand dollars on March 14 to 60 thousand dollars in a month, will be determined by the level of geopolitical tensions led by Iran and Israel and the halving.

At the time the news was written, Bitcoin was trading at 62 thousand dollars.

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