Aptos Labs; The software company Microsoft, the asset management company Brevan Howard, SK Telekom, known as the largest operator in South Korea, and the world-famous financial consultancy company Boston Consulting Group collaborated to establish Aptos Ascend.

Aptos Ascend, which will serve as a cryptocurrency investment management platform, will provide activities for corporate companies. The platform will also use Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. In addition to receiving investment management consultancy on cryptocurrencies and digital assets from Brevan Howard, the platform will also receive Web3 services from SK Telecom.

Boston Consulting Group, one of the largest financial consultancy firms and reporting revenues of more than $12 billion in 2023, will also provide guidance for Aptos Ascend in this field.

Mo Shaikh, founder and CEO of Aptos Labs, stated that they will bring solutions to the needs of global corporate companies regarding the established partnership and made the following statements:

“Global companies now demand high levels of regulatory compliance, security and technological innovation to serve their customers. We will provide a solution to this need with the partnership we have established with these large companies. Aptos Ascend; It will safely bring decentralized finance to banks, financial institutions and technology-based money markets. “Access to decentralized finance through Aptos will become much easier in the coming years.”

As you may remember, Aptos established various partnerships with Microsoft last year on artificial intelligence, Web3, digital payments and tokenization.

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