Bitcoin, which rose above 66 thousand dollars yesterday with the Bitcoin and Ether spot ETF news from Hong Kong, dropped to 62 thousand dollars again as of this morning.

The largest cryptocurrency had fallen sharply, especially with the Iran-Israel tension that started on Friday evening. Bitcoin, which fell by more than 5% in just 1 hour on Saturday night, recovered again after Iran announced that it had ended its attack.

This time the Israeli influence…

However, in the tension between Israel and Iran, it seems to be Israel’s turn. It is stated that Israel is preparing for an attack on Iranian territory, despite the USA stating that it will not support it. While the US media has been making many detailed news about the issue since last night, it was written that Israel has completed its preparations for the attack, but has not only determined the time of the operation. It is stated that Israeli officials still cannot reach an agreement on the timing of the operation, some say that Iran should respond immediately, while others comment that silence will scare Iran more.

This environment of uncertainty brought a decline in Bitcoin and risky assets, which showed signs of recovery.

In addition to Bitcoin, S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices also fell. The two indices finished the day with declines of 1.2% and 1.6%, respectively.

The decline in Bitcoin also pushed altcoins back. The total market value of altcoins, which has been seriously damaged by volatility recently, has decreased to 600 billion dollars. The figure rose to $790 billion at the beginning of this month.

An ounce of gold, which is known to increase in a crisis and war environment and exceeded 2400 dollars during the tension period last week, is traded at 2385 dollars at the time the news was written.

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