While the cryptocurrency world is eagerly waiting for Bitcoin’s halving, which is expected to take place on April 19-20, and its effects on the market, an interesting comment on the subject came from Arthur Hayes. Hayes stated that he expected a decline in the cryptocurrency markets before and after the halving.

“Sale after sale can be triggered”

Hayes, who harshly criticized the Fed and the US Treasury Department in his personal blog post yesterday, said: “Prices will fall with some fraudulent tricks they will do. “Sell after sale can suddenly be triggered in the market,” he said. Stating that he thought such a sale would have an effect for a few weeks, Hayes later wrote that he expected an increase:

“Halving generally coincides with periods when dollar liquidity is limited in the USA. It happened again. There is a period when everyone expects a rise, but the opposite always happens. Therefore, I expect a decline for a few weeks. As I said, the declines will be limited to a few weeks. Could I be wrong? Of course yes. I would even like to be wrong. In the second week of April, tax payments in the US will reduce liquidity. The Fed will increase tightening. “The money supply will decrease.”

“The rise begins after May”

Stating that he expects a serious decrease in monetary tightening after the Fed’s meeting on May 1, Hayes said, “I will not trade until May. We can see many fraudulent tricks from the Fed and the Treasury Department. But after the Fed meeting on May 1, monetary tightening will decrease. The Treasury will most likely release a liquidity of $1 trillion to the market. “This situation will raise the markets,” he said.

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