One of Binance’s Launhpool projects Ethena Labs’ native token ENA2, which includes a 50% increase in rewards for some of the users. announced the Season Stake Program.

In a blog post, Ethena Labs stated that the second season has started for users to stake ENA and announced that users will be able to lock ENA in Ethena for a minimum of 7 days of locking period starting from April 8.

“Starting April 8, users will be able to lock ENA in Ethena for a minimum lock period of 7 days.

The user must lock a minimum ENA position of $5,000 to be eligible for rewards. A UI update will be available on April 9 so users can track this for their own wallets.

Users who lock 50% or more of their ENA based on their USDe balance will receive a 50% reward increase.

Team and investor allocations locked into vesting programs will not be able to participate in the ENA staking program.”

Following this announcement, ENA price started to rise, This one It has increased by approximately 20% in the last two hours.

According to Lookonchain’s post, whales also took action after the ENA announcement. Accordingly, the three wallets withdrew a total of 11.9 million ENA ($15.23 million) from Binance to stake ENA.

*This is not investment advice.

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