While the days are counting for Bitcoin’s halving, Bitcoin Cash has left this process behind.

The second halving has been completed in Bitcoin Cash, which was created by forking from Bitcoin in 2017. The second halving, which occurs every four years, took place at 1.45 pm Türkiye time. Block rewards decreased from 6.25 BCH to 3,125 BCH.

Dropped before halving, rose after halving

Just before the halving, BCH dropped to $560, and the post-halving rise dominated. In the first hours, the price gained 14 percent, approaching $640.

On the other hand, the decline in hash rate, which expresses the total computing power of the hardware used for mining, attracted attention. The hash rate, which was 10 exahash on April 1 and 7 exahash yesterday, dropped to 3 exahash after the halving. Bitcoin Cash hash rate was again at the level of 3 exahash in mid-March.

It’s time for Bitcoin’s halving

Now it’s time for Bitcoin halving. The number one cryptocurrency will hold its fourth block reward halving on April 19, an estimated 15 days later. In a recent report, Coinbase compared this halving in Bitcoin to the first halving in terms of price movement.

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