Binance exchange announced its new platform called Megadrop in its statement. The first coin of this token launch platform, which will feature airdrops and Web3 tasks, was BounceBit (BB), a Bitcoin restaking project.

People who collect the most points on the platform, where Binance users will participate with their BNB, will also have a high earning rate in airdrops. In addition to the success in the missions, the number of BNB locked will also be decisive for the high score.

Information about BounceBit (BB), the coin that will be listed first in this context, is as follows:

*Total token supply: 2,100,000,000 units
*Number of tokens reserved for Megadrop: 168 million (8% of total supply)
*Number of tokens in circulation after airdrop: 409,500,000 (19.5% of total supply)

It was stated that when the airdrop and related missions will start and other details will be announced later in a separate announcement.

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