cryptocurrency Peter Schiff and Peter Brandt, two analysts who frequently share analyzes about the market, got into a serious discussion.

The discussion first started after gold-loving analyst Peter Schiff commented on the performance of some assets recently. Citing a previous tweet, Schiff mentioned that the price of silver has increased by 21% since the beginning of April. In addition, during the same period Bitcoin’deki He said that the increase in value was only 2%.

Schiff claimed that people could make 10x more profit with silver compared to Bitcoin. He claimed that Bitcoin was dead.

In response, Peter Brandt, a trader in the market for nearly 50 years, stepped in. Brandt, who is also known for his pro-Bitcoin statements, told his followers that they should completely ignore tweets like Schiff’s.

In addition, he argued that Schiff aims to gain followers and attention by saying “nonsense” like this. However, he said Schiff “is not as stupid as those in his speech.” The analyst added that although Schiff’s prediction about silver, one of his many predictions, came true, his predictions have generally come true so far.

*This is not investment advice.

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