cryptocurrency According to information provided by the data platform Spot On Chain, 8 different whales made profit sales following the extraordinary rise of an altcoin.

According to the data, 8 whales, Tellor (TRB) It made a profit sale of $3.56 million after its altcoin increased by almost 100% in the last week.

Analysts added that these whales purchased the TRB tokens in question via Coinbase at $80.2 in early March. Whales sold the 82,849 TRB assets in question for an average of approximately 123 dollars and made a 53.6% profit after a period of 2 months.

At the time of writing this article, TRB price is trading at $133.

TRB is actually an altcoin that frequently comes to the fore with its speculative price decreases and increases. Andrei Grachev, founder of market maker company DWF Labs, which was recently accused of market manipulation by Binance, also frequently made posts implying the TRB price.

*This is not investment advice.

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