Carolina China was born in Ukraine in 1997. Daughter of Ukrainian parents, she moved to Japan at the age of five, having obtained Japanese nationality in 2022. This made her eligible to participate in this year’s edition of Miss Japan – and she ended up being crowned the winner of the beauty competition last month.

However, a wave of criticism followed after his victory. The main one was that the organization of the beauty contest only awarded her due to the war in Ukraine. Furthermore, many considered that Karolina Shiino does not represent the Japanese beauty idealdue to its origins and physical appearance.

All the controversy linked to Karolina Shiino’s victory caused the Japanese press to investigate her private life in depth. Last week, the Japanese tabloid Shukan Bunshun published an article revealing that the 26-year-old model has a romantic affair with a married doctor, which sparked outrage among the Japanese.

After the investigation was released, according to the BBC, the Miss Japan organization came out to defend Karolina Shiinosaying that the model did not know that the doctor was married when she started having a relationship with him.

A week later, Karolina Shiino confessed that she deceived the organization and that he knew after all that the doctor with whom he had a relationship was married. In a post on her personal Instagram account, the model apologized for “all the problems she caused” and for having “betrayed all those who supported her”.

As a result, the model decided to hand over the Miss Japan crown. The organization accepted and said that it would not determine any more winners — and that the crown would not be given to anyone else.



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