The “Yue” bronze ax is a fascinating historical artifact dating back approximately 2,000 years to ancient China. It was discovered in the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, a region with rich history and cultural heritage. This ax is considered a national treasure due to its historical and artistic value.

The most notable thing about “Yue” is its intricate design depicting dragon boat competitions. Dragon boats are an ancient tradition in China, and Ningbo is known for its vibrant dragon boat festivals, where teams compete rowing boats decorated with dragons.

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The bronze ax is decorated with two coiled dragons rising upward, symbolizing energy and strength. Additionally, the artifact features four figures wearing feather crowns, believed to represent dragon boat competitors.

This detailed and beautiful depiction on the ax provides a unique window into the customs and traditions of ancient China.

The fact that this ax has survived for millennia and is still in such a well-preserved state is testament to the craftsmanship and cultural importance attributed to the objects in Chinese antiquity. Its display at the Ningbo Museum allows visitors to connect with the region’s rich history and appreciate the perseverance and spirit of ancient dragon boat competitors, which still resonate in modern society.


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