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Xuirin Finance has introduced the DeFi card, an innovative solution that combines the functions of traditional bank cards with decentralized financial services provided by DeFi. The introduction of this card aims to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in daily transactions and make them part of the global payment ecosystem.

Overview of Xuirin Finance’s DeFi Card

Xuirin Finance’s DeFi card allows users to make various financial transactions using cryptocurrencies, such as online shopping, paying bills, and withdrawing cash from ATMs. This initiative is part of an effort to increase the accessibility and practical use of digital currencies in daily financial activities.

Pre-Sale Stages and Token Distribution

In the first pre-sale phase Xuirin Financereached a funding limit of $450,000 by offering 15 million tokens worth $0.03 each. Following the completion of Phase 1, the company has begun preparations for the second phase of the token pre-sale, targeting $1 million in funding by offering 25 million tokens worth $0.04 each.

Xuirin Finance’s $500K Mega Raffle

Along with its ongoing pre-sale, Xuirin Finance has announced a Mega Raffle with prizes totaling $500,000. This giveaway includes significant prizes for 20 winners, aiming to build and expand a community around Xuirin Finance’s offerings. Participation in the giveaway requires a minimum pre-sale investment and additional participation opportunities are provided to increase the chances of winning.

Main Features Offered by Xuirin Finance

Xuirin Finance has integrated many features into its DeFi card, focusing on increasing the practical use of cryptocurrencies in daily transactions. These features include the convenience of online shopping, paying bills, and withdrawing cash from an ATM with digital currencies. This initiative reflects the aim of improving the infrastructure that supports wider adoption of decentralized financial technologies.

The launch of Xuirin Finance quickly attracted the attention of cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts thanks to its remarkable successes in the pre-sale phase. The pre-sale, which started less than a week ago, has already raised a significant amount of funds. In the first round, investors showed great interest, eagerly purchasing XUIRIN tokens in the first few days.

The excitement around this launch is understandable, as XUIRIN’s current valuation shows promising signs of significant growth by 2024. A key aspect of XUIRIN’s promise, as well as its successful pre-sale, is its ecosystem of innovative products. Highlights detailed in Xuirin Finance’s whitepaper include DeFi debit cards, Xuirin Wallet, and Xuirin Pay, each offering unique benefits and functionality in the cryptocurrency space.

  • Xuirin DeFi Debit Cards: Xuirin’s advanced DeFi debit cards mark a significant advancement from traditional debit cards. These cards are linked to users’ digital wallets and allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies in crypto or fiat currencies on their daily expenses. Through partnerships with Mastercard and Visa, Xuirin Finance facilitates instant cryptocurrency conversions, making card use possible even in locations that do not accept cryptocurrency. Cardholders can also benefit from up to 8% cash back reward on transactions.
  • Xuirin Wallet: Introduced as the most secure Web 3.0 wallet, Xuirin Wallet offers a comprehensive DeFi experience that includes features specific to centralized exchanges. Users can swap, stake, lend and borrow across various blockchains through a single access point. The wallet is integrated with Xuirin DeFi card for fund transfer and conversion.
  • Xuirin Pay: Xuirin Pay offers a solution if businesses want to accept cryptocurrency payments. It is designed for easy integration with existing platforms, allowing businesses to participate in a rapidly expanding ecosystem. It also offers a competitive advantage with a transaction fee of just 1%, which offers savings compared to the traditionally high fees associated with traditional payment processors.

Xuirin is a key force in bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance, enabling cryptocurrency users to leverage their digital assets in daily life. The success of its pre-sale highlights the market’s enthusiasm for its innovative approach. Beyond pre-sale, Xuirin made significant strides as a gold sponsor at the recent World Blockchain Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, which attracted global blockchain professionals and enthusiasts to discuss frontline blockchain initiatives. Xuirin Finance is holding a giveaway to celebrate its early supporters; 10 lucky recipients win 40,000 xuirin each and 10x 10,000 xuirin by completing simple tasks within the ecosystem.

Future Outlook for Xuirin Finance

As the pre-sale progresses and Xuirin Finance As it continues to develop its services, the company focuses on expanding the practical use of cryptocurrencies in daily financial transactions. This initiative is in line with ongoing developments in the cryptocurrency industry that aim to increase user accessibility and convenience.

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