A driverless car crossed two bridges over the Yangtze River on Tuesday morning in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, making the city the first in China to operate autonomous commercial ride-hailing services that cross the river.

The service is developed and operated by Baidu’s Apollo Go autonomous driving platform. In 2023, the Wuhan smart connected vehicle testing demonstration zone recorded nearly 500 autonomous vehicles in regular operation, including autonomous taxis and driverless buses.

During the period, Wuhan recorded more than 732,000 requests for autonomous vehicle travel services, serving 900,000 trips, local authorities said.

So far, China has more than 20 cities that have launched policies supporting autonomous driving testing, with more than 60 companies having obtained testing licenses.

Source: https://www.chinahoje.net/wuhan-opera-servico-de-taxi-sem-motorista-atraves-do-rio-yangtze/

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