Experts called for international cooperation to combat influenza and respiratory infectious diseases during a conference held in Hainan, an island province in southern China. Under the theme of “Integrated Prevention and Control of Influenza and Respiratory Infectious Diseases”, the 2024 World Influenza Conference concluded on Sunday in Boao, a coastal city in Hainan.

The two-day event brought together nearly 100 influenza prevention and control experts and public health professionals from home and abroad. They exchanged and shared advanced global prevention and control technologies to enhance pandemic response capabilities, with the aim of building an international consensus on the dangers of influenza and the critical importance of its prevention and control.

According to the conference, China’s influenza monitoring system has become one of the most extensive and effective active infectious disease monitoring systems in the world. It can capture the influenza activity level and epidemic trends in real time and provide the scientific basis for global reagent research and development, vaccine selection and drug use.


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