UK-based giant bank Standard Charteredend of 2024 Bitcoin He increased his price estimate to $150,000.

At this point, the bank, which expects a long-term rise in BTC, stated in a new report that the US presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s victory in the elections BTC and said it could be positive for cryptocurrencies.

According to Coindesk, Standard Chartered stated that the risk of US financial dominance increases as the FED monetizes government debt, and that the scenario in which US financial risk increases as investors seek alternative assets will be supportive for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

In addition, stating that Trump’s possible victory will also support the rise, bank analyst Geoff Kendrick wrote in the report:

“In a scenario where the risk of US fiscal dominance increases, we think Bitcoin will provide a good hedge against de-dollarization and reduced confidence in the US Treasury market.

“We also expect a second Trump administration to actively support BTC through looser regulations and spot ETFs, in addition to passive support of BTC from dedollarization.”

Finally, the analyst reiterated that Standard Chartered’s end-2024 target for Bitcoin is $150,000 and its 2025 target is $200,000.

*This is not investment advice.

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