Bitcoin It’s been going up and down in the last few days. BTC The price fell off a cliff yesterday evening, falling to low levels not seen since the beginning of May.

This volatile price action caused futures investors to liquidate hundreds of millions of dollars, as BTC dropped to lows of $58,400 before recovering above $60,000.

At this point, while investors and analysts are speculating about what will happen next in BTC, the successful analyst Willy Woo, He made some predictions about BTC’s short-term price targets.

Stating that the last Bitcoin correction below $ 59,000 was caused by excessive long positions in the futures market, Willy Woo said that the last decline managed to eliminate the excessive leverage in the market, but the work is not over yet.

Woo stated that Bitcoin cleared a large number of long positions for its first main target of $62,500, but investors continued to add new long positions with the recovery. “Investors added more fuel to liquidate more longs in a gradual long squeeze.” said.

In the recent decline, in addition to the long liquidation squeeze, miners BTC Explaining that sales were also effective, Woo said:

“On top of this liquidation squeeze, we are faced with a post-halving miners capitulation.

Miners are going on a BTC selling spree to pay for hardware upgrades because old hardware is no longer profitable. The weakest miners are closing shop and being liquidated.”

Bitcoin Has Risk of Falling Further!

Finally, Woo said that while he predicted that short-term technical factors point to a reversal for BTC, Bitcoin still carries a risk of decline.

Because according to WooWithout a significant decline in BTC futures positions, the Bitcoin price will not move sustainably upward.

Woo believes there is a high probability that Bitcoin will hit new lows and He noted that the next key level to watch is $54,000, which is another layer of liquidation.

Woo also emphasized that the $54,000 level serves as a critical boundary between bearish and bullish trends, and a break below this level will be critical for BTC given the current macro structure.

*This is not investment advice.

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