The Runes protocol, which Casey Rodarmor, the creator of the Ordinals protocol, which attracted crazy interest in Bitcoin last year, announced in September and detailed in his blog post, will be officially launched with the halving.

The Runes protocol, which Rodarmor decided to launch with the reward halving, simply aims to facilitate the creation of “fungible” tokens on the Bitcoin network.

As it is known, Ordinals, also created by Rodarmor, enabled the creation of NFT-like, that is, “non-fungible” tokens, also known as “inscriptions” in the Bitcoin network. Thus, many jpeg-style assets could be bought and sold on the Bitcoin network.

“From tokens that look like Pokemon to meme coins…”

In his interview with TechCrunch, Rodarmor said about Ordinals, “It is a lens that sees inside the Bitcoin blockchain… Thanks to this lens, pokemon-looking satoshis appear through the tall grass.” For the Runes protocol, the developer said, “This is a lens that sees the inside of the blockchain in a different way, but this time with meme coins.”

Like BRC-20s but…

Runes is also described as a “rival of the BRC-20 standard”. As it is known, unlike Ordinals or “inscriptions”, BRC-20s are fungible tokens… Runes aims to create these BRC-20 style fungible tokens in an easier, different and cheaper way on the Bitcoin network.

To create new tokens in the Runes protocol, Bitcoin will be used for transaction fees, just like the BRC-20s. The main difference between the two protocols is that, like Bitcoin itself, the Rune protocol will use “Unspent Transaction Output”, also known as UTXO.

UTXO can be defined as a small number of tokens remaining after a Bitcoin transaction.

Rodarmor states that the UTXO model will be much more effective because in other token standards there are many situations that depend on off-chain data, but in Runes everything is on-chain.

In the Runes protocol, the person who will issue the token can determine how many tokens can be issued in a transaction. Before the token is released to the general public, the creator has the right to reserve some tokens for himself in advance.

Will be launched with Halving

Rodarmor stated that he arranged the Runes protocol to be launched with the halving. In other words, some tokens on the protocol will be implemented after the halving, which is expected to take place on April 20.

PUPS token increased by 2600% in one month

After the announcement of the Runes protocol, many projects dedicated to this field were already launched… However, all of them were inscriptions and in the BRC-20 standard… For example, the PUPS token in the BRC-20 category attracted great attention and its price increased by 2600% in the last month. This token will be shifted here after the launch of the Runes protocol and will work on this protocol.

NFT marketplace Magic Eden also announced that it will support the Runes mainnet update.

However, it is worth noting that there are many projects that state that they have released the “Runes token”. Of course, it is not possible to issue these tokens before the Runes protocol starts…

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