Gyeran bap is a traditional Korean dish that literally translates to “egg rice.” It consists of a simple mixture of cooked rice and scrambled egg that is served as a main dish or as a side dish on the Korean table.

It is a common home-cooked dish in South Korea and is eaten throughout the country as a comforting and nutritious food. It is part of everyday Korean cuisine and is served in homes, restaurants and diners across the country.

Gyeran bap can be served in several ways on the Korean table. It is often placed on a large plate or served in individual bowls for each diner. It can be garnished with chopped green onion or toasted sesame seeds for added flavor and texture.

To eat it you can use chopsticks or spoons. Take a portion of rice with egg and enjoy it directly from the plate or bowl. Gyeran bap is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed alone or as a side to other Korean dishes.

It originated as a simple, inexpensive food that provided energy and nutrition to people of all social classes. Over time, it has become a comforting and beloved dish in Korean food culture.


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