Krypto para DWF Labs, one of the most talked about market maker companies in the world recently, has some interesting tokens in its altcoin portfolio.

The company is known for the price jumps that occur immediately after news of the altcoins it has invested in. However, some rival companies have claimed that DWF Labs is manipulating the market, which the company denies.

The market maker company sold its JASMY tokens in one of its recent moves.

When examining the latest data, we see that DWF Labs’ portfolio totals approximately $30.6 million.

The data shows that the largest altcoin in the company’s portfolio is the one whose price is indexed to BNB and is also the staked version of BNB. SNBNB They are holding $4.55 million worth of SNBNB in ​​their wallets.

In second place with 3.48 million dollars ORBS, third place with 3.23 million dollars DEXE, in fourth place with $2.44 million GALA, fifth place with 1.8 million dollars LIT took place.

Other major assets and amounts of the company are as follows:

  • TRADE – $1.74 million
  • AXL – $1.44 million
  • SIS – $1.23 million
  • USDT – $1.12 million
  • RACK – 911 thousand dollars

DWF Labs lost $567,000 from its altcoin portfolio in the last 24 hours due to the declines experienced today.

*This is not investment advice.

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