Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market bids farewell to a dull and boring second quarter, spot Ethereum ETFThe first week of July is of critical importance for the ‘s.

Because after the news came out in the market ETH Expectations have risen that ETFs will launch on July 4.

As expectations for ETH ETFs increased, whales also became active.

According to a post by on-chain data provider Spot on Chain, A notable whale named Abraxas Capital made a massive purchase of $203 million worth of ETH from Bitfinex at a price of $3,387 in the last 24 hours.

Accordingly, the giant whale took 60 thousand from Bitfinex ETH The price also increased during withdrawal.

The giant whale then lent the ETH it received to Spark, borrowing $119 million worth of stablecoins and depositing them to Binance.

“A massive whale (likely Abraxas Capital) has withdrawn 60k ETH (worth $203m) from Bitfinex at $3,387 in the last 17 hours.

The whale then lent ETH to Spark, borrowing $119 million worth of the stablecoin and depositing it to Binance.

“The ETH price is up approximately 3%, indicating an unrealized profit of $6.27 million.”

Whale Who Bought Ethereum at $0.31 Sold 7000 ETH!

Apart from the giant corporate whale, another ICO participant has also made a move. According to EmberCN’s post A whale who participated in the Ethereum ICO in 2015 deposited 7000 ETH into Kraken.

This whale bought 254,900 ETH at $0.311 in 2015. After 209 days of inactivity, the whale woke up during the recent spike in ETH prices and transferred 7,000 ETH worth $24.28 million to Kraken.

Currently this whale still has it 1There are 40,000 ETH worth $39.5 million.

Ethereum It continues to trade at $3,476 at the time of writing.

*This is not investment advice.

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