The wallet, which contained 1701 Bitcoins with a current value of $118 million and had not moved for 10 years, was opened and moved years later. According to the information provided by the on-chain tracking platform Lookonchain, 246 BTC worth $18 million was released from the wallet.

It achieved an average of $29

In the information provided to Lookonchain, it was also stated that the whale last received a Bitcoin transfer in 2013, that is, it saw an entry. The average purchase of the wallet, which received 4272 BTC at that time, was determined as 29.3 dollars. It was written that the Bitcoin price was approximately 125 dollars at the time the wallet was entered.

The whale also reaped the benefits of its long wait by making a very serious profit. These days, when Bitcoin is trading above 70 thousand dollars, the whale’s profit is around 240,000%. While transfers from many old wallets have attracted attention recently, it does not go unnoticed that most of them are moved to new wallets, not to exchanges. This shows that whales have switched to new style wallets for security reasons and do not make transfers for sales purposes.

There are 90 million dollars worth of purchases in 1 month

In another information provided by Lookonchain, it was stated that a large account has been collecting Bitcoin seriously since March 6. This whale, which has an average price of 68 thousand dollars, bought approximately 90 million dollars worth of Bitcoin as of March 6.

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