Vitalik Buterin stated that the Ethereum network is no longer a network created from scratch, but a network on which new developments are constantly added. Stating that the network has gone beyond its infrastructure when it was first established and that this has paved the way for important changes, Buterin said that not everything is over with the Dencun update and that additions should continue.

“The next stage should be data availability sampling”

Buterin also emphasized the need to improve rollups’ ability to optimize each blob, although the main issues with scaling have now been resolved. He argued that this should be done especially with PeerDAS.

Buterin also stated that the next stage of Ethereum should be data availability sampling (DAS). Data availability sampling (DAS), as it is known, is a technique used to verify that the data contained in a block actually exists without the need for each node in the network to download the entire block… This helps improve scalability by reducing the storage requirement for individual nodes. is happening.

Thanks to PeerDAS, scalability will go beyond the EIP-4844 that comes with Dencun, and the workload on the nodes will be significantly reduced. On the subject, Buterin said:

“With PeerDAS, each node will hold a certain portion of the entire blob data (say, 1 in 8) while remaining connected to those in the peer-to-peer network. When a node needs an instance of a particular piece of data, it can request it from the party it knows is responsible for holding that piece.”

As a result, more individual stakers will be able to participate in the security of the network using PeerDAS. Buterin recently said that the number of individual stakers is low and this should increase.

Apart from PeerDAS, Buterin also made some suggestions for the development of second-layer networks. Buterin stated that the first of these is to discover data compression techniques to increase the byte size of the second layers, and secondly, that the Plasma technique should be investigated here. Thanks to Plasma, data will be kept at layer 1 only in exceptional cases.

“Ethereum is no longer just a financial ecosystem”

The Ethereum founder also wrote that the second layers should work to eliminate the problems caused by transaction processing as well as the reliability of the codes. Buterin stated that the ecosystem is “extremely soft and tolerant” on this issue:

“Ethereum is no longer just a financial ecosystem. It has now become an area that offers technologies that central technologies do not provide and at the same time gives what it provides to people. Therefore, we must make improvements accordingly, by thinking more broadly.”

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