The President of the Republic of Nauru, Russ Joseph Kun

The President of the Republic of Nauru, Russ Joseph Kun, and the First Lady will lead a 17-member delegation on their visit to Taiwan from October 8 to 12. The invitation, extended by the Taiwanese government, is part of the celebration of National Day and underlines the close diplomatic relationship between both countries.

The delegation, led by President Kun, includes prominent officials and parliamentarians, such as Minister of Education Richard-Hyde Menke, Deputy Minister of Spatial Planning Jason Bingham Agir, Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade Dominic Joselito Tabuna, as well as parliamentarians Shadlog Armait Bernicke and Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty.

While in Taiwan, President Kun will meet with President Tsai Ing-wen and participate in various National Day celebrations. Additionally, he will deliver a keynote address at the seventh Yushan Forum and attend receptions hosted by President Tsai and Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu to foster an exchange of views on bilateral cooperation.

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Taiwan and Nauru, diplomatic allies in the Pacific region, have maintained a strong and friendly partnership over the years. The Nauru government has provided strong support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Both countries have collaborated closely in various areas, including basic infrastructure, public health, medicine, climate change, clean energy, information and communication technologies, agriculture, fishing, education and maritime patrols. This visit highlights the continued commitment of both nations to their diplomatic relationship and mutual cooperation.

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