Vechain project, whose own token VET has started to rise recently, announced a new platform. The VeBetterDAO platform, which will include dApps, which are decentralized finance applications, aims to increase Vechain adoption and include user-friendly applications.

The platform will be officially launched on June 30, following the Alpha (testnet) and Beta (mainnet) phases. Those who use the platform, which is currently in the alpha period, will be able to earn B3TR tokens through airdrops.

The B3TR token will serve as an incentive for VeBetterDAO. With this token, DAO Treasury Management will be provided, rewarding participants who use the system, and providing incentives for sustainable dApps.

VOT3, which will be supported 1:1 by B3TR, will also be the governance token of VeBetterDAO. B3TR and VOT3 tokens can also be exchanged through an exchange pool.

VeChain will also organize 4 B3TR airdrop campaigns in the coming months to build the VeBetterDAO user base. A total of 1 million B3TR tokens will be distributed between February 28 and June 30.

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