The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) will begin a partnership with Chinese energy giant Huawei this year. According to Agência Brasil, students at the institution will have access to courses on cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G, with certification recognized by the industry.

The initiative is part of an agreement signed by Huawei and the Ministry of Education in 2023, which provides for the development of talents free of charge for federal, state, district and municipal education networks.

“Brazil is one of the countries with the most connected population, following the internet, one of the countries that listens to podcasts the most and uses the networks the most, but when we consider the quality of the internet, we are among the worst in the world. So, we need to make a change in this process, improving and modernizing the network infrastructure we have in Brazil and any kind of help is good”, said the superintendent of Information Technology at UFRJ, Ana Maria Ribeiro, to the publication.

Huawei’s content is available on its own platform, launched in 2013, called ICT Academy. The global program works with governments, universities and companies, offering courses, talent certification and job offers. In Brazil, the initiative is integrated into MECPlace, a platform created by the federal government in 2022 with the aim of reducing school dropouts during the pandemic.


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