Photogrammetry and remote sensing expert Li Deren and condensed matter physicist Xue Qikun won China’s highest science and technology award for the year 2023 on Monday.

Li has dedicated his career to advancing China’s capabilities in surveying and remote sensing for Earth observation. He is celebrated for his expert knowledge of essential high-precision global positioning and mapping technologies via satellite remote sensing.

He solved the problems of high-precision processing of remote sensing satellite images and led his team to develop a fully automatic high-precision airborne and ground-based measurement system, making outstanding contributions to the construction of high-precision Earth observation system and high resolution from China.

Xue is a famous condensed matter physics scientist who has achieved several scientific breakthroughs. His team made the first experimental observation of the quantum anomalous Hall effect. They also discovered interface-enhanced high-temperature superconductivity in the heterostructure system, which opened a new research direction in the field of high-temperature superconductivity.


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