The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor resumed operations this Wednesday at 12 of the 14 factories in the country, after a failure in the computer system, still under investigation.

The company, based in Aichi, central Japan, announced that the remaining two factories will be able to resume work in the afternoon, after all 28 production lines in the country were paralyzed for more than a day.

The fault, made public on Tuesday, involved the system that processes orders for parts for Toyota Motor vehicles, explained the builder, who was forced to activate a support system.

Toyota suspends operations at 14 factories in Japan due to IT glitch


The company’s shares opened in positive territory on the Tokyo stock exchange and were trading with a rise of 1.09% at 11:00 am (04:00 am in Lisbon), following the announcement.

Toyota Motor said it was investigating the failure, but stressed that it was not, in principle, a cyberattack.

In March, the company was forced to suspend production at all factories in the country, following a computer attack on one of the suppliers, which affected the ordering platform.

Japanese authorities looked into the case to determine the source, which came shortly after several countries warned of the possibility of Russia carrying out cyberattacks against nations that supported sanctions against the Kremlin over the invasion of Ukraine.


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