BytePlus, the corporate technology arm of TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, Sui announced a strategic partnership with Mysten Labs, the developers behind the layer-1 blockchain.

Tiktok Sui (SUI) It was stated that the partnership will enable BytePlus to integrate its cutting-edge solutions, including ByteHouse, a cloud-native data warehouse, with Sui’s full node data.

Sui Foundation The following statements were made in the statement made by:

“BytePlus, the technology solutions subsidiary of TikTok parent company ByteDance, is taking its first step into Web3 with blockchain with Sui.

BytePlus will work with Mysten Labs to adapt recommendation solutions and augmented reality products to Sui, among other services.

The company selected Sui as the best blockchain network to offer its services supporting gaming and social applications.

“The technological strength demonstrated by BytePlus, combined with Sui’s next-generation innovations, will lead to innovative services and applications.”

post news SUI has been on the rise.

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