Three men were stabbed on a train that stopped at Akihabara station, in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. According to NHK, a Japanese public station, which cites local police sources, the victims were immediately taken to the hospital, without knowing each other. your health status. Still, the Kyodo agency guarantees that none of the men were seriously injured.

The same source adds that, around 10:55 pm local time (1:55 pm in mainland Portugal), a report was made that a woman, around 20 years old, was armed with a knife on board the train. Another person managed to detain the woman while she waited for the Manseibashi police to go to Akihabara station, where she was eventually detained. A video shared on social media shows the moment of arrest.

The Kyodo agency said that the woman confessed to the accusations and the three people were injured with cuts on the back, arms and side of the body.

The train was traveling on the Yamanote circular line, one of the most used in Tokyo, which was suspended, due to “train problems”, at 1:56 pm in mainland Portugal, shared the East Japan Railway Company, the company responsible for that line, on X (formerly Twitter).


Also this Wednesday, Japan was in the news due to a fire that broke out next to a train station in the south of the country, in Kokura. According to NHK, there are no records of any victims or injuries resulting from the fire.

Sky News adds that 20 fire engines were sent to the scene and the fight against the flames lasted more than three hours.


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