Pantera Capital, one of the largest crypto hedge funds globally, published a report stating that 2024 and 2025 will be strong and positive for both stocks and crypto markets.

“The bad period is over”

The Pantera Capital report began with an article by Dan Morehead, the company’s founder. Morehead stated that the important development for this year is the “absence and left behind of bad things”:

“At the Bloomberg conference in June last year, the moderator asked me what crisis we thought we would see in the coming period. I said that not everyone takes crises seriously until they happen. ‘I don’t think there will be any new crises or crazy events. I said, ‘The absence of bad things will be the biggest development of this period.’ I still stand behind this idea. Most of 2022 and 2023 was spent with these crazy events happening. Edward McQuarrie, a professor at the University of Santa Calara, says: ‘There has not been a worse year than 2022 even in the past 250 years.’ 2022 was indeed the worst year for classic 40%-60% stock-bond portfolios. Therefore, the most important development of the coming period is that bad things will not happen in our lives. This is a very important and positive situation… Probably until the next generation, no one will give loans to crypto trading companies without collateral. “But when the generation changes, in the future, I’m sure someone will do it again and there will be similar crises.”

“There will be a very strong bull market for the next 18-24 months”

Stating that the bad days are behind us, Morehead said that institutions are now starting to return to the stock markets and he thinks that this will have a great impact on crypto:

“The stock market crash in 2022 created a denominator effect across portfolios. Institutions withdrew from private sector markets. However, recently we see that the shares have risen to their peak levels again. Therefore, I think the next 18-24 months will be very good for the crypto markets and there will be a strong bull season. A traumatic and terrible period will be left behind with these rises. “Simultaneously, regulations will be clarified and positive events such as reward halving will occur.”

“Bitcoin is still ignored”

After founder Dan Morehead, one of the company partners, Franklin Bi, took the floor. Bi stated in his article that Bitcoin is still very undervalued:

“Market capitalization of more than $900 billion, daily transaction volume of more than $26 billion, annual volatility of 50% and more than 220 million global investors… The world’s largest financial institutions are still ignoring this asset. Are ETFs enough to get you through this oversight? No, of course not. Many new elements have begun to appear in Bitcoin, from Taproot development to Ordinals, from BRC-20 tokens to layer 2 solutions. Corporate companies have also started to recognize Bitcoin along with ETFs. Those who lost their money, their Bitcoin, in companies such as FTX, BlockFi and Genesis understood its decentralization better. “The reward for making decentralized finance possible in Bitcoin will be huge.”

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