cryptocurrency There was an interesting development in the market, this time involving Elon Musk.

A cryptocurrency user created a new wallet about 1 day ago and withdrew 661 SOL worth 116 thousand dollars to this wallet via Binance. Immediately afterwards, they sold all of these to 1.94 million units. HARAMBE He used it to buy from memecoin named.

This wallet has currently made a profit of approximately 18 thousand dollars.

Although the amount of profit generated is low, it is noteworthy that this large purchase took place very shortly before Elon Musk tweeted about HARAMBE.

As it is known today Dogecoin’in Kabosu, the mascot dog, died at the age of 18. After this incident, Elon Musk published a message and said that Harambe, a famous gorilla who had previously passed away, and Kabosu went to heaven.

Following the development, the price of memecoin named HARAMBE increased by approximately 30%.

*This is not investment advice.

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