Bitcoin and altcoins start the week and the second half of the year positively BTC its price has risen to over $63,000.

While wondering whether the upward trend in BTC and the cryptocurrency market will continue, Coinshares has published its weekly cryptocurrency report.

Coinshares, which stated that there was an outflow of $30 million in cryptocurrency investment products last week, said that there was a significant decrease in outflows last week.i.

“Cryptocurrency investment products saw total outflows of $30 million for the third week in a row, with a significant decrease in outflows last week.

As Ethereum surges into a 3rd week, it signals that sentiment toward Bitcoin is changing.”

Focus is on Ethereum (ETH)!

When looking at individual crypto funds, the majority of fund outflows Bitcoin It was found to be on Ethereum instead.

While BTC experienced $10 million inflows, unlike outflows, the biggest altcoin Ethereum (ETH)It was seen that there was an outflow of 60.7 million dollars.

When we look at other altcoins Solana (SOL) 1.6 million dollars, Litecoin (LTC) $1.4 million and Chainlink (LINK) It experienced an inflow of $0.6 million.

“Ethereum saw its largest outflow since August 2022 at a total of $61 million, with outflows in the last two weeks reaching $119 million.

This made it the worst-performing asset in terms of net flows since the beginning of the year.

In contrast, Bitcoin led the way with an inflow of $10 million, while a total of $4.2 million was seen in the short-Bitcoin fund indexed to Bitcoin’s decline, suggesting that sentiment in BTC may be turning.

A number of altcoins saw inflows, the most notable of which were Solana – at $1.6 million and Litecoin – at $1.4 million.”

When looking at regional fund inflows and outflows, Germany ranked first with an outflow of 28.5 million dollars.

Hong Kong came in second after Germany with $23.2 million, and Canada came in third with $14.4 million.

In the face of these outflows, the US experienced an inflow of 43 million dollars.

*This is not investment advice.

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