The price of 5% broken rice reaches USD 638 per ton, and that of 25% broken rice reaches USD 623 per ton (Photo:

Prices for rice exported by Vietnam remain the highest in the world, with 5% broken rice reaching USD 638 per tonne, and 25% broken rice reaching USD 623 per tonne, according to the Vietnam Food Association.
Meanwhile, Thailand’s 5% broken rice is selling for $628/tonne, and Pakistani rice is selling for $598/tonne.

In the Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s largest rice granary, the price of paddy rice remains at a record high in many localities, helping farmers earn good profits.

In July, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Rice Price Index reached its highest level in almost 12 years. The rise was due to a rebound in prices in major rice-exporting countries after India imposed export restrictions.

Vietnam and the defense of its sovereignty

Recently, the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the list of 210 companies that can export rice.

Meanwhile, 5% broken rice from Thailand is selling for $628/tonne, and Pakistani rice is selling for $598/tonne.

According to the ministry, in the first seven months of this year, Vietnam exported 4.83 million tons of rice. The country expects to export some 2.67 million tons in the remaining five months of the year.

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