The Chancellor of Peru, Javier González-Olaechea Franco, presented to the Plenary Session of Congress the request for travel authorization for the President of the Republic, who was invited by her Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to make a state visit to the Asian country. at the end of June.

According to the draft Legislative Resolution, during this visit President Boluarte will carry out a series of meetings and activities in the cities of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. The meeting with her counterpart in the People’s Palace is contemplated, the signing of bilateral agreements on economic cooperation and the establishment of the Peru – China Business Council, as well as meetings with business leaders to promote commercial exchange and the attraction of Chinese investments.

The Chancellor highlighted that this trip will bring benefits to Peru, closing gaps with specific projects, and is carried out in anticipation of the visit of the Chinese president to the national territory within the framework of the Leaders’ Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum ( APEC).

The delegation that will accompany the president will be made up of a small number of officials and so far, nine business associations have confirmed their interest in participating in this state visit, covering their own expenses.

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APEC summit commitments and strengthened foreign policy

This trip responds to the understandings reached during the APEC Leaders Summit in 2023, where Presidents Boluarte and Xi agreed to deepen political dialogue, increase investments and cooperation in various areas.

The Peruvian Foreign Minister announced the next publication of the Reinforced Foreign Policy (PER), which projects a vision to 2050 and will detail the priorities to protect sovereignty and territorial integrity and national needs. The PER will actively and innovatively contribute to the development of the country.

After the vote, the president’s travel request was approved by 71 votes in favor, highlighting the appreciation of the Chancellor’s appreciation by the congressmen.


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