According to CoinGecko’s first quarter 2024 report, the most profitable crypto investments in the past three months were memes, real-world assets (RWAs) and artificial intelligence.

Meme coins provided an average return of 1312%

Meme coins recorded the highest returns of 1312% on average during the quarter. Among the top 10 meme coins by market cap as of the end of the quarter, 3 were new tokens launched only in March. These; They were BRETT, BOME and MEW. BRETT achieved the highest return at the end of the first quarter with 7727%, followed by WIF with 2721%.

The report found that meme coin investments returned 4.6 times more profit than RWAs and 33.3 times more than the Layer 2 space, which had the lowest returns in the first quarter of this year.

The second most profitable area was RWAs

RWAs, the second most profitable crypto investment area, gained 285% in the first quarter. RWAs were the most profitable investments for a brief period in early February. In this space, OM and TOKEN tokens rose the most with 1074% and 419% respectively.

Artificial intelligence coins gained 222%

The third most profitable crypto investment was artificial intelligence coins. AI coins achieved an average return of 222% in the first quarter. The biggest risers were AIOZ with 480% and FET with 378%.

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