While the 2024 bull season has been marked by a limited number of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin so far, most of them were meme coins. In fact, when we go into more detail, we can say that Solana-based ones are also leading the way. Here, in all this Solana coins craze, one trader seems to have made a profit of $22.8 million in a few months.

WIF, BONK. It is thought that this trader, who made large purchases in BODEN and MYRO tokens, is not from the project teams. This person, who owns the wallet named paulo.sol, made a profit of 9.5 million dollars with WIF, 7 million dollars with BODEN and 6.2 million dollars with BONK. Trader also earned 550 thousand dollars from MYRO.

What did he do to earn so much?

So, what kind of strategy did this trader follow and manage to make so much profit in a few months? The trader saw the interest in BONK on November 11 and bought it. By buying low and selling high and doing this dozens of times, the trader managed to make a profit of $6.28 million.

According to research by on-chain platform Lookonchain, the trader discovered and purchased the WIF token on December 14. This person, like BONK, who bought low and sold high, made a profit of 9.5 million dollars on WIF.

The investor, who discovered BODEN on March 6, demonstrated the tactics he used in WIF and BONK and won again. 7 million dollars profit was made from BODEN.

“Not from the project team”

In its evaluation, Lookonchain stated that this trader, unlike many others, was not a person who received information from within the project and always bought after the first rises in coins. As it is known, those from the development team or those who get information from here generally make purchases before the projects take off. It was even seen that some traders bought the coin 1 minute after it was released.

The wallet owner named paulo.sol is currently still holding $7.6 million worth of BODEN and $5.7 million worth of WIF.

There are also new coins he bought

It seems that this trader also recently purchased PUPS and POPCAT coins. The purchase price of the investor who bought POPCAT for $ 1.7 million was $ 0.42. paulo.sol paid 6 million dollars for PUPS and purchased 101 thousand units. With this purchase, Trader became the account holding the most PUPS in the Solana network.

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