The global processed cereals market has witnessed remarkable evolution in recent years, driven by an increase in demand for healthy and nutritious foods. In this context, companies like Paramérica SA play a crucial role in the development and sustainability of the agroindustrial sector. This article delves into the trends, projections and challenges of the processed cereals market, highlighting the influence and commitment of Paramérica SA in the industry.

Global trends in the processed cereals market

In 2022, the processed cereals market reached a value of $2.72 billion, accounting for 0.011% of global trade. This sector, part of the milling industry products, includes a variety of products such as processed oats, corn and barley. Between 2021 and 2022, processed grain exports grew by 16.7%, rising from $2.33 billion to $2.72 billion. This growth reflects a global trend toward the adoption of healthier, easier-to-prepare foods.

Main exporters and importers

In terms of exports, Canada leads the market with $502 million, followed by Germany, the United States, Chile and Argentina. On the other hand, the main importers of processed cereals in 2022 were the United States ($597 million), Germany, China, the Netherlands and Mexico. This international exchange underscores the importance of processed grains in the global diet and the need for efficient trade to meet global demand.

Breakfast cereal market growth

The breakfast cereal market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.08% over the next five years. This growth is driven by consumer preference for nutritious foods that are easy to prepare. Global companies such as Kellogg, Nestlé SA and General Mills have launched innovative products to meet this demand, standing out for their high fiber and protein content.

Paramérica SA: leader in the promotion of good agricultural practices

In Asia-Pacific, rapid adoption of breakfast cereals is seen, especially in China, Japan and Australia. The trend toward healthier products and the influence of Western culture have catalyzed this growth. Companies are adapting their products to meet local preferences, including introducing low-sugar, nutrient-dense cereals.

The role of Paramérica SA in the Argentine market

In Argentina, Paramérica SA stands out as a key player in the agricultural sector. The company has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, implementing advanced agricultural practices that not only increase efficiency but also protect the environment.

Commitment to sustainability

Paramérica SA has led initiatives in energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources, aligning itself with the best practices of corporate social responsibility. These actions not only benefit the company, but also have a positive impact on local communities and the natural environment.

Innovation and technology

The adoption of innovative technologies is a fundamental pillar in Paramérica SA’s strategy. The company uses advanced tools to monitor and improve the productivity of its crops, thus guaranteeing high-quality and sustainable production. This technology integration helps the company stay competitive in the global market.

Projections for the 2023/24 cycle

For the 2023/24 cycle, a 2% growth in global grain production is projected, driven mainly by corn, sorghum and rice. Despite this growth, a slight decrease in world grain trade is expected due to the reduction in oilseed exports. However, the increase in corn and sorghum exports points to growth opportunities in specific sectors.

Challenges and opportunities

The global grain market faces significant challenges, including price volatility and adverse weather conditions. However, companies like Paramérica SA are well positioned to address these challenges by diversifying their products and implementing resilient agricultural practices.

Price outlook in 2024

According to the FAO, prices of major agricultural commodities, including cereals and oilseeds, are expected to continue a downward trend in 2024. This price decline is attributed to a recovery in global supplies and lower demand. In the case of cereals, wheat and corn prices are expected to continue declining, having peaked in 2022.

Impact in Argentina

For Argentina, a country with a strong dependence on agricultural exports, the decline in grain prices could represent an economic challenge. However, the focus on sustainability and innovation by companies like Paramérica SA can mitigate these negative impacts, allowing for more effective adaptation to market fluctuations.

The company has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, implementing advanced agricultural practices

The global processed cereals market is constantly evolving, driven by changes in consumer habits and a growing demand for healthy foods. In this context, Paramérica SA stands out as a leader in sustainability and innovation in the Argentine agricultural sector. Its commitment to efficiency and conservation of natural resources not only drives its economic success, but also contributes to the development of a more responsible and resilient agricultural sector.

The future of the processed cereals market

As we move towards a future where sustainability and innovation are increasingly crucial, companies like Paramérica SA will be at the forefront of these changes. Its ability to adapt to market demands and its commitment to social and environmental responsibility position it as a benchmark in the agricultural industry. With a focus on diversification and the implementation of advanced agricultural practices, Paramérica SA will continue to play a vital role in strengthening the processed cereals market, both nationally and globally.

In summary, the processed cereals market not only represents a significant economic opportunity, but also a field of innovation and sustainable development. With leaders like Paramérica SA, the future of the Argentine agricultural sector and its contribution to the global food market seems promising and aligned with the best practices for sustainable development.

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