The event is part of their annual dragon worship festival, which is held to pray for a good harvest and a promising year. Culturally, the Chinese dragon is believed to be a god who is in charge of clouds and rain, thus being able to bring enough water for an abundant harvest.

The dragon worship festival is a traditional celebration held in some regions of China, including Yunnan province. Although the festivities may vary by region, in general, this event is held to pay tribute to the dragon, a significant figure in Chinese culture.

The dragon, known as “Long” in Chinese, is a symbol of power, strength and good fortune in Chinese mythology. This majestic animal is believed to control the weather and rain, making it an important figure for farmers as rain is vital for a good harvest. Therefore, the worship festival is organized to summon the dragon and ask for its blessing for a successful agricultural season.

During the day, a series of activities and rituals take place, which can include dragon parades, lion dances, musical performances, religious ceremonies and sports competitions such as wrestling. Local residents and visitors come together to participate in these festivities and enjoy the culture and community.

In the specific case of Yunnan, a very diverse province in terms of ethnicities and traditions, the dragon worship festival is combined with elements of local ethnic cultures, such as Yi dances. This adds an additional layer of cultural richness and diversity to the festivities.


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