SUVs have been a mainstay in the automotive industry for decades, and Nissan has been a prominent player in this segment with iconic models like the Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan X-Trail. These vehicles have evolved over time to adapt to the changing needs of drivers and market demands.

Nissan Pathfinder made its first appearance on the global market in 1986 as a rugged and rugged sport utility vehicle. Since its inception, Pathfinder has earned a reputation for its off-road capability and durability.

Over the years, Pathfinder has undergone several transformations to keep up with market trends and consumer demands. In the 1990s and 2000s, Nissan introduced several generations of Pathfinder, each with improvements in technology, comfort and performance. The introduction of features such as advanced traction systems, folding seats, and expanded towing capabilities made it a popular choice for active families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Nissan Chile presents the exclusive version of its Kicks Rock Edition model inspired by the Lollapalooza Festival

On the other hand, Nissan X-Trail, launched by the company in 2000, has earned a reputation as a versatile and compact SUV designed for urban living and outdoor adventures alike. Since its debut, X-Trail has stood out for its modern design, fuel efficiency and off-road capability.

One of the most notable features of the X-Trail is its focus on safety. Incorporating advanced active and passive safety technologies such as emergency braking systems, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring, the X-Trail offers drivers greater peace of mind on the road.

Likewise, this model was updated last year with its electrified version with the e-POWER system, which is equipped with two electric motors that drive the four wheels, this unique SUV in Chile, offering an exciting and efficient driving experience.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Nissan introduced several generations of Pathfinder, each with improvements in technology, comfort and performance.

As for the combustion engine, it is responsible for providing energy to charge the batteries, only when necessary. In addition, it has regenerative braking that allows the vehicle’s kinetic energy to be used, returning it in the form of electrical energy to the batteries, guaranteeing extended autonomy without sacrificing the power and versatility that Chilean drivers demand.

«With our line of SUVs available in all our dealerships, people can experience what a comfortable and modern drive is, without sacrificing any aspect of safety. At Nissan, we consider that this entire segment reinforces two pillars of the brand that characterize us: innovation and constant adaptation, also promoting safer and more comprehensive mobility,” said Óscar Voigt, Product Manager at Nissan Chile and Peru.

From their beginnings as rugged off-road vehicles to their evolution as urban, versatile and even electrified SUVs, Pathfinder and X-Trail continue to be a pillar in Nissan’s product line. With their combination of performance, comfort and technology, these vehicles represent the brand’s dedication to offering mobility options that fit the needs and lifestyles of its customers.


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