Make this tapioca couscous with the selected recipe. Check out how easy the recipe is to make:

Tapioca cuscuz

Tapioca cuscuz

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Use the ingredients listed below to make your tapioca couscous delicious. Check it step by step.


  • 500g granulated tapioca

  • 400ml coconut milk

  • 400ml of milk

  • 1 cup of sugar

  • 1 pinch of salt

  • Shredded coconut (optional, for decoration)

  • Fruits (such as strawberries, bananas, or other fruits of your choice) to decorate

Preparation mode

  • In a large bowl, mix the granulated tapioca and coconut milk. Let it rest for about 30 minutes, so that the tapioca absorbs the liquid and becomes soft.
  • While the tapioca is resting, in a pan, heat the milk, sugar and salt over medium heat. Stir well until the sugar is completely dissolved. Do not let it boil, just heat the liquid.
  • After the resting time, the tapioca will have absorbed the coconut milk and will be thicker. Add the hot milk mixture to the tapioca and mix well.
  • Pour the tapioca mixture into a pudding mold or rectangular mold. Press gently with the back of a spoon to level the surface.
  • Let the tapioca couscous cool at room temperature for about 2 hours. Then, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or until completely firm.
  • When serving, turn out the tapioca couscous onto a plate. You can decorate with grated coconut and fresh fruit such as strawberries or bananas.
  • Cut into slices and serve.

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