Taiwan will be the first guest of honor nation at the 58th edition of the Avignon Off Festival, which will be held from July 3 to 21 in southeastern France.

According to the Ministry of Culture (MOC), Taiwan will showcase its cultural diversity and vitality through activities including film screenings, local food tastings, promotion of Taiwanese publications and visual arts exhibitions. The nation’s contribution to French photographer JR’s Inside Out project, which calls for collective action from communities around the world, will also be showcased.

The announcement was made at a press conference held jointly by the Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris (CCTP) and the event organizer, Avignon Festival & Companies Association (AFC), on May 15 in France. It was also revealed that a total of 1,316 groups, including 147 foreign ones, will perform 24,664 performances during the festival.

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At the event, the director of the CCTP, Hu Ching-fang, declared that the invitation not only demonstrates the close relationship between Taiwan’s artistic sector and the Avignon festival, but also represents a congratulation on the center’s 30th anniversary.

Echoing his comments, AFC co-chair Harold David stated that the decision was made based on Taiwan’s long cooperation with the festival, as well as its unique contemporary art and culture.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Culture has been selecting groups to participate in each festival since 2007. Those chosen for this year’s edition are Chun Dance, Eye Catching Circus, Resident Island Dance Theater and Shinehouse Theatre, the Ministry reported.

Launched in 1947, the Avignon Festival is one of the most important arts events in France, with the “Off” part introduced in 1968 to incorporate spontaneous avant-garde performances in informal venues such as restaurants and theater schools.

Source: https://reporteasia.com/cultura/cultura-pop/2024/05/18/taiwan-sera-primera-nacion-invitada-honor-festival-off-avinon/

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