The Executive Yuan has approved a bill focused on promoting the rights of new immigrants. This initiative reflects the government’s continued efforts to attract qualified international talent and foster Taiwan’s development.According to Prime Minister Cho Jung-tai, this bill is part of the Taiwanese government’s response to declining birth rates and a rapidly aging society.

The bill seeks to improve the environment and rights of skilled immigrants in Taiwan

By creating a friendlier environment and expanding the scope of those who qualify under the new legislation, the project will help attract more professionals to Taiwan, with the experience and resources they bring, Cho added.

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The prime minister stated that the more than 600,000 married immigrants in Taiwan form a key element of the nation’s skilled personnel pool. The bill will provide better legal protection to these new members of society, covering areas such as education, employment, healthcare, public participation and social welfare.

Proposed by Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior, the bill applies to immigrants by investment, marriage and technical experience, as well as their children. It also calls for the establishment of a dedicated agency; an inter-agency meeting to draft policy measures and conduct surveys on new immigrants; and a development fund to integrate public and private sector resources to provide family care and language learning, among other services.


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