ZachXBT, one of the most well-known anonymous researchers and followers of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, stated that he detected suspicious movements in the exchange called BitForex.

According to the information provided by ZachXBT, there was an outflow of 56.5 million dollars from the stock market on February 23, outside the normal situation. Funds were withdrawn from the exchange’s hot wallets. After this withdrawal, it does not go unnoticed that the exchange also closed the withdrawal transactions of its customers.

While many users flooded the company’s X and Telegram accounts with messages, the stock exchange did not make a statement on the subject.

The website was also closed

On the other hand, the stock exchange’s website cannot be accessed. When entering, visitors are greeted with “Sorry, you have been blocked. “You cannot access” warning.

CEO is gone too

Stating that the CEO of the exchange also left his post 1 month ago, ZachXBT stated that BitForex also has 18% of the total supply in TRB token and 7% for OMI.

The researcher also commented, “In such a bull season, it is also very sad that these users lose their assets.”

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