DWF Labs, one of the important market makers in the cryptocurrency market and attracting attention with its investments, continues its altcoin purchases and investments.

At this point DWF Labs In his post, he donated 25 million in support of Gala Games, which was hacked yesterday. GALA announced that he bought the token.

“At DWF Labs, we are committed to supporting our portfolio companies.

We are sorry to hear about the recent security breach that led to unauthorized transactions involving GALA tokens.

In response to this incident, we took proactive steps to relieve selling pressure in the market and purchased 25 million GALA tokens on the open market.

This aims to stabilize the value of the token and express our unwavering support during these challenging times.

The security of our investments and their communities is important to us.

The GalaGames team confirmed with their latest update that the issue is under control and that they have secured all contracts and implemented enhanced security measures to prevent future incidents.

We trust Gala Games’ ability to overcome this negativity and emerge stronger 🔥

“There will always be ups and downs in crypto, but we will be strong and together.”

After the news GALA The price started to rise.

*This is not investment advice.

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Source: https://www.bitcoinsistemi.com/dun-hacklenen-altcoine-dwf-labstan-destek-geldi-fiyat-toparlandi/

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